About Us

We came up with The Airport Ninja in our University of Vermont dorm room because we thought that bike fees were an avoidable expense that was keeping us from chasing our dream of being pro cyclists.

Since then we've collectively spent more than a decade racing professionally, and as time passed we've learned that the need for an affordable method of travel with a bike is ever growing. The Airport Ninja has gone through a lot of changes since it's inception, but what started as a beefed up arts and crafts project has grown over the years to become Orucase. At Orucase we strive to create simple innovative luggage to save you money so you can travel with your bike more often and to more places.

Whether you're a professional cyclist or just a savvy traveler, we can now pass our years of savings onto you. Prepare for the Airport Ninja to be your new favorite travel companion. 


Isaac Howe

After graduating from college with a B.S in Biochemistry Isaac was given the opportunity to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a professional cyclist. Six years later he is still living that dream while chasing the American racing circuit with the New York based pro team Champion Systems - Stan's NoTubes. Isaac has shown time and time again that he has the skills and smarts to stay afloat in a deeply competitive cycling market.

Isaac says that creating Orucase has been an exciting process of personal discovery. "I just never knew that I had a skill in this sort of thing until I started doing it, now that I am, I'm super excited to grow our brand and see what other solutions we can make for the problems I've experienced with bike travel during my cycling career". 


 Colin Jaskiewicz

Colin studied mechanical engineering at The University of Vermont culminating with a win at the 2009 Collegiate Criterium National Championships.  He spent the next 3 seasons travelling and racing the NCC and USACrits series with Champion Systems/Stan's No Tubes.  Colin now resides in Boulder, Colorado.


Elias Howe


After graduating from Amherst College in 2013 with degrees in Biochemistry and Chinese, Eli moved to Vermont to begin work at Orucase, as well as a local Burlington outdoor gear shop. With these two careers underneath him, he pursues his passions of hiking, biking, backcountry skiing, and fishing. 

With so many different pursuits pulling him in all directions; from skiing in France, biking the country roads of Vermont, to thru-hiking in the American West, Eli’s main centralizing force is his compulsion to understand how things work, and to redesign and build them better himself.