Frequently Asked Questions about Orucase and The Airport Ninja Bike Case.


How do I pack my Airport Ninja?



Has anyone reviewed The Airport Ninja by Orucase?

Yes! Check out the links below to Bicycling Magazine, CyclingTips, and Pez Cycling News:

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Is The Airport Ninja safe for use with carbon bikes?

If packed correctly then the answer is yes. During all stages of The Airport Ninja design it was our personal equipment being tested, so we understand why you ask.


Have you heard of any bikes breaking while using The Airport Ninja?

No, not at this point in the project. In instances when the bike has been improperly packed we’ve found only minor cosmetic damage to occur. Though we cannot guarantee the safety of one’s equipment while using The Airport Ninja, after 5 years of development on this case we are confident in its protective capabilities. 


Do you guarantee that my bike won’t break while using The Airport Ninja?

No, there are too many factors that could contribute to a bike getting damaged during travel. We recommend that customers follow our websites bike packing instructions thoroughly, if done so correctly then this will significantly reduce the risk of your equipments being damaged during travel. 


What is so special about The Airport Ninja?

This case was designed with the nomadic cyclist in mind. The Airport Ninja is small and discreet for both travel and storage. If you’re like us then your addiction for riding bikes doesn’t afford you the space to store bulky old school bike boxes or the extra cash to fly using them. The Airport Ninja will protect your bike, cut your baggage expenses, and quietly store out of sight during your off season. We want to save you money so you can keep living the dream. 


How is the case reinforced to protect against impacts and loads?

Unlike any other design, The Airport Ninja incorporates concepts from both hard and soft-shell cases. The product is made from 1000d Cordura nylon, Urethane-Ether foam, and strategically placed inserts of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. This design allows for the convenient storage and customization afforded by a soft-shell design, along with the added security of a hard case. 


When you're asked by an airport official, “what’s in the bag?”, what do you say?



How much weight can be stored on a loaded case?

The case is not designed to handle a lot of continuous weight. We usually store the cases upright and load them in the car side by side. However, stacking a few on top of each other has not resulted in any damages at this point. The biggest threat from crushing loads is the rear triangle. To further protect from these types of loads we recommend people use dropout savers or store their helmet in the rear triangle. 


What are the rules for traveling with a bike?

It is different for every airline, so we suggest you look at your specific airlines baggage policies before flying. 


Will my case be under 62 linear inches?

Many airlines specify that bike fees only apply oversized luggage, or luggage that is greater than 62 linear inches. Here at The Airport Ninja it is our mission to create cases that suit a wide range of bike brands and bike sizes. We suggest that you email us with your bike make and size before ordering if you use a bike larger than 54cm.  We can certainly accommodate the largest of frame sizes, however the case will be larger.


After I order how long will it take before my item ships?

We strive to have a fast turnaround from the date an order is made until the time the item is shipped. However, this is subject to change depending on order size, time of year, and the nature of your specific order. Please specify at the time of your order if you have any specific circumstances that may require special accelerated handling, and check the product page for up to date processing times.


Can I use The Airport Ninja to transport different bikes?

Yes, but when you place your order you must submit the details of the largest bike you intend to use with The Airport Ninja. Remember that the larger the bike, the harder it will be to build your case under the standard 62” limit. 


What do I do if I cannot get my bike to fit in the case?

Contact us at info@orucase.com and we will do our best to help troubleshoot your problems. In the event that the case is too small for your bike, we will refund your order after receiving the returned, unused, case. 


Do I need to be a mechanic to disassemble my bike enough to use The Airport Ninja?

You need to have a basic level of wrenching skills, but by no means do you need to be a bike shop mechanic. First time use can be intimidating but you will get the hang of it in no time! We’ve found that if you’re uncomfortable disassembling your bike it sometimes helps to take photos of the process as you progress so that you have something to reference if you're in doubt when it comes time for your first reassembly. 


How long does it usually take to pack a bike into The Airport Ninja?

This greatly depends on the person doing the packing, however we recommend first time users allow for as much as 1 hour of time to disassemble and pack The Airport Ninja for the first time. After a couple uses assembly/disassembly should take around 15 minutes.  

NOTE: Make sure you have tested your case several days before your intended first use. Due to the snug fitting nature of the design there is a learning curve associated with packing The Airport Ninja.

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