Packing your Ninja

These basic instructions below should help you get the job done. We are in the process of creating a more thorough video/multimedia page.  In the meantime please contact us if you need any further assistance!

Place the removable foam insert such that the pocket is pointed inward and it is arranged on the side of the case where the top corner is most rounded.

Unscrew the hanger with derailleur attached (preferred but you can also just remove the derailleur if its easier), then remove the seat post, fork, pedals, and front brake from the fork, and then finally the fork. I use a ziplock bag to hold all the small parts and I put that in the pocket in the center of the case.

Now all that's left is just using a spare towel or rag to wrap around the derailleur and chain, and then position the handlebars in a way that will make them the most closely packed as possible (not sticking up above the top tube much, or in front of the head tube). It also helps to arrange the front brake in a place that won't allow it to rub on the frame.

Next is to put the frame in the cases center compartment with the head tube pointed toward the uppermost pointed corner of the case. Then insert the wheels with the cassette pointed inward. Finally you place the fork steer tube first in to the long narrow pocket on the foam insert.

You may need to make some small adjustments to get things to settle but the next step is just to zip it up. I usually store my shoes underneath the front triangle of the frame and I put my helmet in between the rear triangle to help add stiffness and utilize the space, but its definitely not necessary.

Packing The Airport Ninja is not a perfect science because everyone's cables and frames are a bit different and its hard to predict how you bike will be without seeing it, but if you follow those basic instructions it will find its way in there.

Also it should be noted that you can pad over the frame. Wrapping the frame with pieces of foam/cardboard/towel is encouraged where pieces are likely to rub together but their should be empty space in the case to allow for things to move around during transport.